Fantasy Role Play!

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Fantasy Role Play!

Post  Daiko on Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:54 pm

This is for those who like to Role Play as much as I do Smile

The only rules are,
Decent Sized Entries (So that it makes the Role Play a lot more fun)
Have a Blast!!

Here you can create a character, then you can Role Play with that made character!


Character Name:
Character's Gender:
Race: (Kind of like Elf's, Argonian's.. Etc. You can use any type that
appears in games like Oblivion, Morrowind etc. Also choose three things
you want your character to excel in)
Character's Biography: (Try to have a paragraph for this to make the role playing experience funner)

I hope to see you all joining!

Before I apply myself, I will let you know the starting scene for this Role Play!

It is the dead of night and you are planning your escape from your evil step-fathers castle. He is away for the night and you are locked away in your room, but your faithful Servant has managed to give you the key to your door and tell you where your weapons are stored. Only problem is, the fact there are guards all over the castle and are all on the orders to kill on sight. You know your friends are going to wait for you outside their castle in each of the nearby territory's, and you all planned to meet in Midoras the last territory in which rebels ally against all rulers!

Here is my Form for my Character!

Character Name: Daiko
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Race: Night Elf (Good at Magic, Archery and Speed)
Character's Biography:

Daiko the Night Elf is a 5'10" Male with Blond hair that he has spiked in casual disaray. He has spent years in the training of the great wizard Merlin so he has become a master of all Magical Arts other than healing.. He has never managed to get used to that!

He is a bit of a livewire and always runs into trouble wherever he goes. He loves to run anywhere and everywhere he can and he has managed to become quite fast! He loves his Bow and Arrows and he practices every day he can. His personality gets him in trouble too often however but he somehow manages to worm his way out of every situation!

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